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The Ultimate Guide To Jet Ski Loans

What Is a Jet Ski Finance

Planning to get a jet ski of your dream? Financing a jet ski makes it within reach. 


A jet ski finance can either be an unsecured personal loan or secured personal loan. With unsecured personal loan, you can normally avail between $3,000 to $50, 000. Rates may differ but are generally between 10-18% p.a. Once approved, you can usually use funds from your unsecured loan to buy a jet ski. 


Secured personal loan, on the other hand, lets you use the jet ski you are buying as a security for the personal loan. Rates can be between 5-13% p.a (much lower than the unsecured personal loan). Loan terms may be as long as seven years. Loan amounts may be availed between $3000 to $ 80000.

Jet Ski Loan Comparison


Compare the following features as you look for the right loan for you:


Interest rates. Comparing the interest rates is a smart way to get an idea of the real cost of the loan.You should know the interest rate you will be charged for and ask yourself if it is the best among the ones from the list.


Turnaround time. Several lenders make the funds available for you one day after you get approved for the loan. Other lenders may take longer. Do not forget to consider the turnaround time.


Loan terms. Some lenders may offer you a five-year term for a jet ski loan while other lenders will offer as long as seven years. Consider how much it will cost you to repay the loan having the loan term and loan amount as your basis. Think if it is a reasonable amount.


 Balloon payment or deposit. Is having a balloon payment or deposit a requisite? Take this into consideration because your repayments will surely be affected by this.


Repayment flexibility. Before you apply, remember to examine yourself if you are capable of making additional payments without penalty or pay back the loan before the loan term ends.

Types of Personal Loans That Offer Low Interest Rates

Below are types of loans you can avail if you want one with a low-interest rate.

A competitive unsecured personal loan

Numerous lenders may offer you with competitive unsecured personal loans for your jet ski. You’ll be able to discover a low interest rate by comparing your options.

Secured personal loan

Lenders find the security personal loan less of a risk because of the security you may offer them. It can be a vehicle such as the jet ski you’re going to purchase, a time deposit and the like. One thing is for sure, you can get a lower rate with a secured personal loan if you have an asset to offer as a guarantee.

Risk-based personal loan

Most lenders can offer an interest rate that is personalised for you.This is called risk-based personal loan. If you have a good credit history , you’ll be able to get a low interest rate for your jet ski.

Should I Finance My Jet Ski Yes or No

YES, Buy It!

Many people consider a jet ski as something unique and wonderful. However, when you need to finance your jet ski, you should weigh all advantages and drawbacks of such an expense, in order to make the right decision.


Here are a few of the pros and cons of owning a jet ski:

  • Much easier to maneuver than a boat, with a less steep learning curve – Boats can be difficult to master, as they are big and they require some good navigation skills. A jet ski is smaller and easier to control than a boat.
  • More exciting – You can do some amazing tricks with a jet ski. You’d never be able to spin and flip a boat like this!
  • Faster than you could imagine – While driving your car 35mph may not mean a lot, trying it on a jet ski will feel like flying. With nothing around you but wind and water, you’ll get an amazing and unique feeling of freedom and excitement.
  • Safer and easier to control than a boat – Unlike modern watercraft, boats don’t have brakes. In addition, you can benefit from various benefits such as a learning mode and other features that make managing a jet ski easier than controlling a boat.
  • More stable than you realise – Some jet skis are so stable that you can even stand on one side without losing balance.
  • Easier to maintain – Servicing a jet ski is easy, provided that you have the right tools and the skills required for this job. Your main concern would be to acquire these skills and tools.
  • User-friendly dealerships – Dealing with most ski jet dealerships is very easy, as they are all selling nothing but toys for adults. Buying a jet ski is much easier than buying a car.
  • Lots of clubs and fun riding trips to join – There are countless ski jet clubs and trips to join, so you’ll get plenty of opportunities to have fun.
  • More fun places to go – A ski jet is the perfect vehicle to enjoy lots of restaurants and other attractions you can only reach by water. You could even have a romantic picnic on a secluded beach.
  • More fun to ride with someone – Riding with a friend is always more fun than doing it alone.
  • Hassle-free cleaning – A ski jet is much easier to clean than a boat. It is also easier to prepare to take it on a ride.
  • More opportunities to show off your smiling face – Frowning on a jet ski is almost impossible, you can take my word for that! You’ll surely be smiling a lot, even during your first ride.
  • Easier to store – Unlike boats, a jet ski is very easy and inexpensive to store. You can even use your already existing garage or storage room for that.
  • More enjoyable life – Since you’ll be alone, surrounded by water, you won’t think about your mundane worries that much.

NO, Don't Buy!

  • More expensive than you think – Most people would tell you that a ski jet costs about $5k. However, the real price is rather in the 10k range and over. The cheapest you could get is the Sea-Doo Spark, at prices that start just under $6k in 2020.
  • Higher service and maintenance costs – Spare parts and maintenance and repair services for Powersports are more expensive than the equivalent of a car.
  • More expensive during the summer – Since summer is the season to use your jet sky to the full, you’ll see that prices for used ones are always higher in the summer. This is the law of supply and demand that applies.

More strict legal requirements to follow

  1. Safety gear. You’ll need to wear a life jacket and other protective gear. Furthermore, a wet suit could prove to be useful. Just make sure you read the warning labels to learn more about that.
  2. License. Many states have rules and licenses in place. In North California, for instance, anyone born on or after the 1st of January 1988 is obliged to take a safety course for boat drivers before being allowed to ride their ski jet at sea.
  3. Age. There’s also an age limit you need to check before buying a ski jet. If you’re too young, you may not be allowed to ride it. Check out your local regulations to see whether you are old enough to ride a ski jet.
  4. Insurance. Even though not all states require insurance, you’d be stupid not to get it.
  5. Climate. If temperatures in your area of residence drop below the freezing point, you’ll need to winterize your watercraft.
  6. Limited time for riding. You aren’t allowed to ride a ski jet after dark. Furthermore, you can’t install lights on such a craft.

Jet Ski Financing in Australia

Summers in Australia are extremely hot. There’s no wonder that you feel the urge to enjoy the refreshing water. We all have a little adrenaline junkie hidden somewhere, deep inside ourselves, so we want more than a good splash around. A jet ski is the best thing to experience on such a scorching heat.

The joy and the excitement it brings will surely make you want to repeat the experience over and over.

Keep in mind, though, that you should always educate yourself about the basic rules and the safety measures to take before riding a ski jet for the first time.

How to Apply for a Jet Ski Loan

Search for jet ski loan provider websites and use their comparison tables to find out what your available options are and to pick the right one for you. Check out the review pages of these lenders to see whether you qualify for a loan. Also, take a closer look into the required documents and the eligibility criteria before submitting your application. Different lenders may have different eligibility criteria, so you should check out each and every one of them. Most of them accept only people who are over 18 and earning a stable income. If you want a secured loan, you'll have to check the requirements regarding the ski jet you want to purchase.

We protect your credit score

At Credit Capital, as we pride ourselves on building lifelong relationships with our clients, we go above and beyond to ensure that your credit score is looked after. We do all the work ourselves up front, before submitting an application to a lender, to ensure that who we apply to is 100% the best lender for your individual circumstances, and the approval is almost guaranteed.

What to Do If You Have a Bad Credit Situation

It is true that most of these lenders will want you to have a good credit score. However, there are some that would accept you regardless of your credit situation. Keep in mind, though, that such liens are usually more expensive and you may have to meet some additional criteria in order to qualify.

The Duration of Ski Jet Loans

Most of the ski loans available today don’t require a deposit. Here are a few details you may want to know:


  •  Ski jet loans are usually up to five years long.
  • The amount of a ski jet loan may range between $5k and $70k.
  • The interest rate is fixed.
  • You can choose monthly, fortnightly or weekly installments.
  • You can make extra payments, if you wish to shorten the loan term and to save some money.

The Best Time to Buy a Ski Jet

August or September are the ideal months to buy a ski jet. That’s when major manufacturers release their new models.

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