Spotting (and Avoiding) Dating Site Scams Before They Hit

Avoiding scams is really the key to being able to stay safe online, and that should be obvious. That being said, it’s not always obvious what is a scam…and what just isn’t.

We can teach you.

The fundamentals of being able to spot a scam online dating site are really not that hard to learn. With our guide, you’re going to have all of that information laid out for you.

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We know for a fact that some things are just always going to end up signaling that there’s a scammer on the lose, and that’s what can end up helping you stay safe.

If you know what to look for, there’s not going to ever be any issues for you. You’ll be more than prepared, and you’ll feel much, much more comfortable with your online ventures.
We Know That Scams are Scary, but You Can Still Stay Safe. Knowing What We Know is the Best Way, so Read On.

Scams are everywhere. They definitely aren’t just on dating sites, but there can be a few different kinds of scammers that you need to look out for there in particular.

Once you know what those are, you can definitely protect yourself much more easily. You’ll be able to notice right away if someone is just being plain suspicious.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to knowing what screams ‘scammer.’ We know exactly how to avoid them, too, and how to make sure that they’re reported properly.

Avoid blank or generic profiles.

One of the most common things that you’ll end up seeing are blank, generic, or just completely fake profiles. They can end up popping up on just about every single site.

An extremely important online dating tip that we can hand out to you is to make sure that you outright avoid these profiles. They usually are just scammers through and through.

If you end up getting messaged by someone with a blank profile, it’s in your best interest to ignore them. They really aren’t going to end up giving you what you want.

You don’t want fake pics.

Sometimes, it can be very obvious that the profile picture of a girl online is either fake or stolen. These are usually done because they’re bots, or just scammers in general.

You can usually notice this because they are highly photoshopped or incredibly pornographic. This can also signal that the girl you’re chatting with is actually an escort.

Avoid these kinds of girls, and just plain don’t talk to them. If you encourage them, you can really find yourself in a sticky situation with not just your online ventures, but the law.

Don’t give out your credit card.

Man Shaking Fist at Laptop

It should go without saying, but obviously, don’t ever continue the conversation that you’re having with any woman online if she starts asking you for credit card information.

This is obviously just someone that’s after your cash, and not actually after your companionship. This should be something that’s pretty common sense, but you’d be surprised.

Even if she claims to be with the site, that’s just a pretty common scam that’s only going to end up getting you in trouble. Don’t waste your time with someone like this.

Don’t click on links.

If a profile has links, chances are, she’s just an escort or a cam girl. She might even be someone that’s trying to phish out your online information to steal your account.

This can end up being a really troublesome thing, so make sure that you end up reporting these kinds of profiles to the site admins right away. This will help keep them in check.

By knowing this information, you’re definitely going to be a lot safer. Have fun, and good luck.

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