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How it works

1. Find out your budget

Before approaching any lenders or searching for cars, the most important thing for you to know is how much you can afford each month for your car. This includes not just the repayment for the loan, but also your insurance and running costs for the car as well.

2. Choose what do you want

Whether you have a specific asset in mind, or just a set of requirements you needs to fulfil, everyone has different wants and needs when it comes to taking out finance. The more you can let us know about what you want or what you need, the better we are able to fulfil your dream.

3. Prepare Documentation

When it comes to taking out finance, there is no such thing as too much documentation. We will always strive to make the process as smooth as possible with the minimum amount of documentation, however, the more prepared you are, the quicker we can make the process for you. Be prepared with IDs, residential and employment histories, payslips, or tax returns and profit and loss statements if you’re self-employed. The more prepared you are the more efficient we are.

4. Speak to a Professional and apply

Once you know the above, enquire online or call us directly and we can help you with the rest. If there’s anything above you need assistance with, not to worry, our devoted team can answer all your questions and find the deal that best suits your requirements. We can guide you along the way no matter how early, or late, in the process you are. We put your mind at ease and make finding the best deal easy from start to finish.

Why Choose Us?

Stress Free Finance

We take the stress out of the process, and help you navigate the market. We source and negotiate the best package for your needs, and deliver what is required without you having to worry about anything

Access to 25 Lenders

With our panel of over 25 lenders, and years of industry knowledge, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re being looked after.

Industry Knowledge

All of our consultants come with years of industry experience, and have the ability to get even the trickiest of situations the best approvals that almost always exceeds expectations.

Local Staff

We don’t have offshore call centres, we have a devoted team that are passionate about getting the best deal for their clients.

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